THEME OF THE YEAR: "Holding the Master's Hand."

School History:

Arca International Bilingual School began in the home of Jorge and Grace Avendaño in August of 1995. Due to rapid growth the school had to camp out at our local church (Amistad Cristiana) for six months until we found a more suitable location in Pontevedra where we continued to grow and develop as a preschool. We changed location to Santa Margarita where we developed into a grade school in the year of 2000. As a school we needed even more space and after much search and prayer we discovered an empty lot on the mountains of Suba early 2003 where we have grown to occupy three properties and offer a full educational program from K-3 to 11 Colombiano with a bilingual program that emphasizes learning in English for at least 5 academic subjects.

Our school began in response to a local need of a Christian preschool that taught in English. After a few years, our students and families sought for Arca to continue offering a grade school program. It was a district supervisor who really encouraged us to continue growing our educational program after considering that the program had the capacity to offer a complete educational service.

Each year our school added one grade, and although this was a real journey of faith, we can say it was the best way to build a solid academic program with students that have grown with us and have the school profile and identity.

Our first graduating class was in 2013-2014 obtaining a high superior grade before the National evaluating system called ICFES.

Arca International Bilingual School can confirm that God has been faithful and great in provision, instruction and guide throughout the last 19 years of construction literally by faith.


Our school educational philosophy is based on the truth that all truth is God's truth (Christian Philosophy of Education) therefore all our subject areas at ARCA are supported on God's Word.

Teachers are prepared to know and understand the world from a Christian Worldview and a Biblical reference, seeking to honor and glorify God and His Word as our Christian character is formed, respect for authority, love, care for our environment and a commitment towards the solution of all and any conflicts.

As a Christian school it is our first goal to communicate truth that will generate lifestyles that reflect our Christian values.

We teach that all human beings are born with out God and that only through faith in Jesus Christ we can have a direct and proper relation with God.

We believe that we must work with the parents of each family in order to achieve with the training of our students to behave according to the principles of God's word.

Our primary focus as a Christian school is the formation of a godly character first and second the acquisition of knowledge and skills - according to: Jeremiah 9: 23-24.

Our Calling:

At Arca International School we believe we have been called by God to train up a godly generation of students according to Isaiah 35:13 which says:

We Believe:
That our students will be leaders who believe that our society can be transformed applying the principles of truth, justice and love.
We believe in each student can develop their God given gifts, talents and skills to the very best of God's glory.
We believe that our students will be prepared to be and make a difference with their academic excellence, moral character, and high standards of achievement coupled with a desire to serve and impact the world with a positive mission.

Arca International Bilingual School forms generations of leaders from a Biblical worldview that can impact their world with faith in God, Christian principles and values and academic preparation, in a bilingual mode from preschool to high school
from a Christian perspective and international curriculum.

Our students make a difference developing a moral character based on righteousness, love, honesty contributing in this manner towards change in our society.

By 2016 ARCA INTERNATIONAL BILINGUAL SCHOOL will be a solid Christian school promoting generations of young leaders that impact their world with their wisdom, service and talent who influence others to follow Christ. It will be innovative with bilingual technology, discovering and developing exceptional talents in each student, supporting the educational program with the best possible resources for all academic areas, the development of abilities, new technologies, with outstanding human and administrative capacity, and financial stability in order to place the organization with superior quality standards of education, with the whole person in mind.


AUGUST Wisdom School/Houses Prov. 4:7
SEPTEMBER Courage Umbrellas Joshua 1:9
OCTOBER Faith/Prayer Butterflies Hebrews 11:1,2
NOVEMBER Gratitude Pilgrims Psalms 75:1
DECEMBER Hope Christmas/Birds Proverbs
JANUARY Purpose Children Jeremiah 29:11
FEBRUARY Love Valentines 1 Corinthians 16:14
MARCH Service/Mercy Sheep Psalms 100:3
APRIL Patience Trees Proverbs 19:11
MAY Responsibility Flowers James 1:22
JUNE Victory Stars 1 Corinthians 10:31

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