GOALS 2016-2017

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GOALS 2016-20171. BILINGUILISM                                                            100%

2. A place for everything and everything in its place.     100%

3. Improve our Communication                                     90%

4. Healthy Interaction                                                    90%

5. Use and Control School Planner                                100%

6. Maintain the High Superior classification                   100%



  1. For our Bilingüilism:  Talk in English at all the times and in every place within the school.   (Lunch time, Snack, entering into class, exit.) All our communication  both physical and virtual must be sent in English. 

Our planning must be in English.   Create bilingual environments;  bulletin boards, classrooms,  flag raising ceremonias, Chapel, formation, celebrations such as debates and competitions. 

  1. “Everything in it’s place and a place for everything.” Cleanliness is after Godliness.  Keeping our school clean – dining room, bathrooms, lockers and desks.
  2. Communication:  Relationships between students – teachers – Parents – Administrative staff with good treatment,  informimg of school activities with evidences (photos), Increase communication with parents and the school and vice-versa.
  3. School Policy – Relationship between students – teachers – parents- administration staff with good treatment.  Greeting, saying thank you and please, with kindness and understanding.
  1. Use of Student planner and Manual.

School Policy Manual in digital mode must be read, socialized and used by the entire school community.

Student Planner:  Use of all the resources and tolos that are included.  Students write in the planner all homework assignments.

The journal is to be used either for language or daily devotional. Students either draw or write in it daily from Monday to Friday. 

In preschool and elementary clases all teachers must review the planner every day.  In high school all group directors will review student planner weekly. 

Cibercolegios is to use for general homework assignments set by teachers (does not exempt a student from writing down assignments in student planner) , parent communication, observations and appointments with teachers or parents.

  1. Maintain and Improve ICFES results:

Area Meetings

Design strategies for improvement (individual and collective)

Work on Martes de Prueba

Reading plan in English and in Spanish

Apply Cognitive Enrichment Advantage and ITC’s

Pilot courses with Pre-ICFES and ICFES. 

S and ICFES.

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