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2INSTITUTIONAL PHILOSOPHYOur school educational philosophy is based on the truth that all truth is God’s truth      (Christian Philosophy of Education) therefore all our subject areas at ARCA are supported on God’s Word. 

Teachers are prepared to know and understand the world from a Christian Worldview and a Biblical reference, seeking to honor and glorify God and His Word as our Christian character is formed, respect for authority, love, care for our environment and a commitment towards the solution of all and any conflicts.

As a Christian school it is our first goal to communicate truth that will generate lifestyles that reflect our Christian values.

We teach that all human beings are born with out God and that only through faith in Jesus Christ we can have a direct and proper relation with God.

We believe that we must work with the parents of each family in order to achieve with the training of our students to behave according to the principles of God’s word.

Our primary focus as a Christian school is the formation of a godly character first and second the acquisition of knowledge and skills  - according to: Jeremiah 9: 23-24. 

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